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Matridonal Remedies with Desiree Brazelton:
A family of remedies offering new possibilities for healing and reclaiming the feminine

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In this interview with homeopath Desiree Brazelton, we discuss a family of homeopathic remedies known as the Matridonal Remedies. Desiree shares some of the indications for using these Sarcodes, (remedies made from healthy human tissues and hormones). She offers stories about how she has used and selected several of the remedies in her own practice. Our conversation went beyond talking about these amazing remedies as we explored some of the nuances of homeopathy including the many considerations a homeopath has when selecting a remedy. As these remedies are “Gifts of the Mother,” we also discussed birth, how birth may offer insights into the selection of a remedy and some of the consequences of the medicalization of birth.

Other interesting topics covered include: How the Matridonal Remedies relate to the periodic table and sea remedies, the relationship between Umbilicus and snake remedies, placenta encapsulation versus Placenta humanum, and why we never want to use remedies as supplements.

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