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New Podcast: Homeopathy Shines in Animal Cases

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“Your using the same principles of homeopathy what ever you’re looking at, so it’s not like you have to make a leap to start using this with your animals.”
Elizabeth Thompson

In this podcast with homeopath Elizabeth Thompson, we discuss the use of homeopathy with animals. Both Courtney and Elizabeth have extensive personal experience using homeopathy with their pets and livestock, and they share some helpful examples. One of the places where homeopathy shines for animals is in its ability to offer a low-cost, effective alternative to expensive vet care. As Courtney and Elizabeth discuss, often homeopathy also provides solutions in times when conventional care does not have answers. For that reason alone, it can be crucial to have a homeopathy kit and to consult with a homeopath for support when needed.

Other topics covered in this podcast include: The unwanted side effects that can come with conventional treatments, antibiotic overuse, how homeopathy may help extend the quality and length of our pet’s lives, and case examples where homeopathy has worked successfully, including for abscesses, snake bites, vomiting, diarrhea, joint issues and how you can use homeoprophylaxis (HP) for your animals.

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Consult with Elizabeth for help with your animal

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Add HP to Your Practice

Included in this virtual course are 7 pre-recorded modules (with 3-5 lessons per module) taught by Cilla Whatcott, CCH, PhD, that can be viewed at your convenience and re-visited any time you choose. Also included is an additional one-on-one conference session with our program coordinator to cover subsequent questions and to individualize the material to your practice.


I commend Cilla for making this training available to a larger practitioner base and to include practitioners who are not currently graduates of comprehensive homeopathic training programs for the treatment of chronic disease. Perhaps this training course and the administering of HP programs will spur practitioners to enroll in a comprehensive homeopathic training program. Shortly after her program was first launched on the Teachable platform in 2022, it was abruptly removed from that educational platform as part of an effort to suppress dissenting opinions and impose a form of medical tyranny. Cilla persevered and relaunched the program on her own website so that homeoprophylaxis could continue to be studied and practiced for the benefit of humanity. Hooray for Cilla!”
Gerald W., MD